Flash frozen ice cream balls now available in the EU

Since 2017, MiniMelts Netherlands has proudly served as the franchise distributor of MiniMelts in the Netherlands. Our primary emphasis is on the B2B market, where we supply delightful Ice Cream Balls to diverse locations across the country. Our commitment is to provide ice cream that can be savored throughout the year, transcending the confines of the summer season. Whether it's a stroll along a forest path, a day at the seaside beach or boardwalk, a visit to a children's play center, a zoo, an amusement park, or a retail store—MiniMelts Netherlands is there to enhance the experience with our delicious offerings.

MiniMelts is one of the pioneers of making ice cream using the cryogenic method and remains a global leader in its production. The company’s originators and founders, Tom Mosey and Nick Angus, who met in college, conducted successful ice-cream experiments already in the 90s. Shortly afterwards, they patented the method they had invented. 

Where are MiniMelts made?

In Europe, MiniMelts Ice Cream is made by the well-established Latvian factory Rūjienas Saldējums. They've been making traditional Ice Cream for over 100 years: natural ice cream, made with fresh milk and cream from local suppliers and the best ingredients from organic farms.
Without palm oil or artificial preservatives.